Mar. 1st, 2017

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Here's my contribution to this year's [ profile] spn_reversebang, written to accompany [ profile] kat_lair's gorgeous art piece, The Raven Path. Please take a look at the art -- it's lovely and atmospheric! This is a creepy-fairies AU that starts out during the Stanford era and picks up again in S7, so we'll just have to assume that 6x09 never happened in this universe. ;)
Thanks to the wonderful [ profile] frozen_delight for all her beta help. :)

Born of Mortal Flesh banner

Art Title: The Raven Path
Prompt Number: S2013
Artist: [ profile] kat_lair

Fic Title: Born of Mortal Flesh
Author: [ profile] anactoria
Fandom/Genre: SPN, canon divergence
Pairing(s): Dean/Benny
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 27,745
Warnings: None
Summary: Canon-divergent AU, (very) loosely inspired by the Ballad of Tam Lin. While on a hunt with John, Dean discovers a mysterious mirror in a witch's attic, and finds himself transported to the world of Faerie. On the other side, he meets somebody who's been stuck there much longer than him. Somebody who makes him reconsider everything he's been taught about trusting monsters, and a few things about himself that he’s been denying. But Benny's a favourite pet of the King of Fairyland, and their budding relationship seems doomed. Years later, Dean finds himself back on the other side of the mirror—and a second chance to save Benny may just be a chance to save the world.

Art Link(s): LJ | Fic Link(s): AO3


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