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This is an experiment in cross-posting from DW, given the scary new LJ TOS. While they're probably designed to target the Russian politics bloggers rather than fandom, I think it's wise to back everything up -- and if anyone would like to be added, I'm anactoria over there too.
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About this time last year, I was just getting into SPN in a fannish kind of way -- completely by accident! -- and was feeling pretty unsure about the prospect of dipping my toes into the fandom. Because everything I'd ever heard about it was WANK! SHIPWARS! HORROR! and I'm so incredibly conflict-avoidant that I'd pretty much resigned myself to maybe posting the odd fic to crickets and hiding in the corner and not talking to anyone.

Well, I think you can guess how that went. ;) Because yes, sure, wankshipwarshorror, all of those things exist. But around these parts, at least, they're massively outweighed by the sheer creativity and thoughtfulness of people in the fandom. I was feeling pretty down in the dumps about my DCBB fic last week, because my assigned artist had vanished without contacting me. But then not only did [ profile] alexisjane step in and produce some fabulous banners/headers/dividers (which you can see on the fic), but now [ profile] kalliel and [ profile] amber1960 have made art of their own. Which is also awesome! Go look at it!

This is me being ridiculously happy about fandom. And in that spirit... tell me what's making you happy at the moment? Fandom things! Non-fandom things! All the things! Happy post. :D


Sep. 1st, 2014 08:07 pm
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[ profile] fantasybbang author signups are closed, but they're still looking for artists. So if you're a fanart-making person and you fancy drawing spaaace/monsters/what-have-you, you should head on over there and sign up!
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So, I filled in [ profile] septembers_coda's fandom questionnaire, and you should too, SPN flisters! I'd love to see what you lot have to say. Answers under the cut. :)

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