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Phew! I've been living with this fic for what feels like forever, and it's kind of a relief to finally have it done and posted. It's probably the darkest thing I've written in fandom, and definitely the thing I feel most unsure about (though I feel a lot less horrible about it than I did, thanks to [ profile] frozen_delight's sterling beta work and sensible words. *hugs*)

If you're going to read it, please do read the warnings/notes! Sam doesn't behave very sensibly or very well in this fic, and I know that sort of thing isn't everybody's cup of tea. Just... be aware, I guess. XD Anyway, here is The Thing, with wonderful, wonderful art by [ profile] amberdreams. Even if you don't fancy reading the story, I heartily encourage you to go and check it out, because it's beautiful. ♥

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Title: Via Negationis
Author name: [ profile] anactoria
Artist name: [ profile] amberdreams
Genre: SPN, slash, canon-divergent AU
Pairing: Sam/Lucifer
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 60,000
Warnings: Major character death, very dubious consent, vague allusions to Cage torture and non-con, canon-typical violence, choking, manipulation, angst, unhealthy attitudes to just about everything.
Summary: AU from partway through 11.14. Lucifer's dead. Sam knows that. He was there; he saw it happen. But now Amara's gone and the Devil is on his doorstep, bedraggled, mortal, and apparently willing to throw himself on the mercy of the Winchesters.
There has to be more to this than meets the eye. Sam can't help feeling that he's playing right into Lucifer's hands, whether he runs and hides or expresses his long-suppressed anger. As events unfold around them, though, he starts to wonder if either of them is really in control of this thing...

Read it on AO3. | Check out the art!


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