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First of all, thank you so much for creating for me, and I hope you've found something to inspire you among my prompts! Please feel free to combine, interpret, or play with them as much as you like. :) I think I included a mixture of Sam & Dean and minor character prompts, and I'd be equally thrilled with either.

I love all four of the regulars, and don't want to read character bashing. (Crowley can be an antagonist or general pain in the arse, of course, but I'd rather not read a fic where it comes across that the author's attitude is 'Ugh, why are you still on the show?') That doesn't mean they can't be their complicated canon selves, and make mistakes and bad decisions and be racked with guilt over them, of course. ;)

Likes: In case the above didn't make it obvious, I love angst, happy ending or not. I also love casefics, especially with unusual monsters or backstories, hurt!Dean (comfort or no comfort), folklore and fairytales, found family, slice of life type things, canon divergences, and science fiction or fantasy AUs. For art, I like both comic book/manga and more realistic styles, and anything that plays with light in pretty ways. Pretty much any character not on the DNW list would be a welcome addition, and there are things I like about all seasons of the show, so any canon era is fine by me. :)

Dislikes: I'm not keen on mundane (i.e. coffee shop, high school, etc.) AUs, or anything with a heavy focus on pregnancy, babies, or small children, including de-ageing and fic that's all about Sam and Dean as kids. Photomanips that involve the actors' faces being photoshopped onto other bodies squick me hugely. I'm not a fan of Becky, Gordon, or the Campbells; I love Lucifer in his quietly-creepy S5 incarnation, but strongly dislike the later versions; and if you're going to include John, Mary, or Chuck, please don't make them parents of the year.

Thanks again for writing/arting for me, and I hope this helps -- and more importantly, I hope you have fun!


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